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Need a metal coating that can stand up to extreme heat? Thermal barrier paint is made to do just that. It is excellent for use on exhaust manifolds in vehicles to help reduce intake air temperature.


It can also be used on gas turbines and jet engines. Large or small jobs, you can count on James Town Insulation to get the job done right. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right products for any project.


These coatings serve to insulate components from large and prolonged heat loads by utilizing thermally insulating materials which can sustain an appreciable temperature difference between the load-bearing alloys and the coating surface.  In doing so, these coatings can allow for higher operating temperatures while limiting the thermal exposure of structural components, extending part life by reducing oxidation and thermal fatigue.


Prevent overheating with thermal barrier paint

We not only guarantee to find you the best product for your needs, we guarantee it will be done right.


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